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In its continuous strive to meet the needs of its clients, CODE acquired Professional Indemnity (PI) from ADIR Insurance.
Areas of Expertise
  • Design and modeling of reinforced concrete, restressed concrete (pre-tensioned and post-tensioned), and structural steel structures including buildings, towers, and highway pavements.
  • Design of all types of bridges including small, medium, and large span bridge crossings in urban and rural settings. The design includes architectural, structural, and electro-mechanical trades.
  • Preparation of execution and shop drawings for all design trades.
  • Technical control, design review, optimization, and Value Engineering of major reinforced concrete and steel structures.
  • Strengthening of existing structures including buildings and bridges.
  • Assessment, strengthening, and repair of war-damaged, fire-damaged, and earthquake-damaged reinforced concrete structures.
  • Supervision of structural construction.
  • Preparation of tender documents including BOQs and Specifications.
  • Sustainable construction and sustainable material technology. 
Capabilities in Bridge Design
  1. CODE design group is ready to undertake bridge design tasks for small, medium and large span bridge crossings in urban and rural settings. Design is in general developed to one of the following international codes in conjunction with the application of the regulations of local authorities vis--vis axle loads and seismic regulations:  
   1. American code AASHTO
2. British standard BS5400
3. French codes BAEL, BPEL and Fascicule 61

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